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Welcome to the section of the Internet that is run by me, Xbolt.

This just in... (news)


This site has just been evaluated, and scored a perfect 200/200 on the Dr. Jon Storslee Official Grading Scale of Grading.

Thanks, Jon!


I just added an art page to the site here, which shows a sampling of all the art I've done over the years.
Go take a look!


Happy Day After April Fool's Day!
The site is now back to the new normal. To see what the site looked like yesterday, click here.
This detailed exactly why I love Cascading Style Sheets. Change three lines of code, and the whole site turns pink. XD


I finished switching all my old pages to the new design.
I also added a secret hidden page. See if you can find it.
(And yes, you can cheat and look at the HTML code if you REALLY want to. :P )


Still tinkering with the design. Now it's more pretty.
In other news, I made another flash: I'm Your Moon

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