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This is all the old news that shouldn't be cluttering up the main page.


"Beware the Ides of March."
Starting today, I'm giving my site an overhaul. I'm taking a Web Design class this semester, and I will no longer tolerate the horrible mess that was the old site. So here's the new main page, in all its W3C-compliant glory. It looks sort of the same, but the underlying code is much cleaner. Also, I got those cool collapsible menus over there. I'm going to wait a little before updating the sub-pages, in case I want to change something else before the final version.

Also, I hate Internet Explorer.


There's three new movies that you need to see!
With lots of action like: a weird guy singing, Hitler losing video contests, and intel being stolen!


After six months, I dusted off my copy of Flash and made something new: Balrogs Bounce!


My Flash class has ended, and I've put up my final project.
Go over and watch Still Alive!


I got a new Flash animation up, an advertisement for Bonk! Energy Drink.


And you thought this would never happen...
Chex Quest Wazzup is now on YouTube!
Go on over, and kindly vote five, if you please.


Oh looky, a new page!
What is this all about, you say? Well, go click the link and find out.


I wrote another essay, In Which I Talk About DRM


Happy Thanksgiving!

There's a new movie up, It Came From The Refrigerator
You can read all about it on its page.


Through boredom, I started my own blog. Linky
Whether it's updated more than once a quarter-century remains to be seen.


I got my own domain! So update your bookmarks.
I also made a new banner up top. Could you tell? :D


I've finally started construction on Newmaps Episode IV. It won't be done for a while yet, but there's a screenshot of what I have so far over on the screenshots page.


I've recently started working on a collaboration project, with Atariangamer and Arch129 from the Chex Quest Fan Forums. The project, titled Chex Quest Lounge, is a multiplayer map, being created because of the recent surge of interest in playing Chex Quest multiplayer.

Here's the link to the forum where all the action is: Chex Quest Multiplayer Forum


Happy birthday to me!

As you may have noticed, I redesigned the site here a little bit. Hopefully, it is now easier to get around, or something.



I finally got around to finishing The Hobbit. Part 1 is now up for viewing, and the rest will be uploaded over the course of the next few days. Keep checking back!


*Ahem* It seems I forgot to post the news here when I uploaded some new content...
Anyway, two weeks ago, I put up a bunch of silly pictures of stuff I've been doing in Garry's Mod.
You might want to take a look.


And now we get to your prize for putting up with my attempt at an April Fools joke. Namely...
The release of Newmaps Beta 11!
Yes folks, Newmaps11 has been released, completeing the third Episode, and bringing the status up to 75%.
Just one more episode to go... Oh, boy...


I officially hate Doom Builder now.
Just look at this!
I was just trying to port Newmaps from Legacy to GZDoom, when this happened.
The automatic backups look the same.
I now have to remake the new levels from scratch.
So don't expect beta 11 anytime soon, if ever.


Selina, a close friend of mine, passed away early this morning. Please have a moment of silence for her, and her family...



Two months since an update around here...
Anyway, I just uploaded the second Hobbit movie trailer, as well as...
The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins!
I took the song, and made a music video using scenes from The Hobbit.
Get it here!


*Ahem* I have completed a short movie based on the classic WAZZUP!!! commercial.


I recieved a request to upload a new version of Newmaps, to take advantage of the skippable cutscenes that I made.
I think you know where to get it.


I've finished building my huge Lego project, a model of Orthanc, and have some photos.
Click Here to see Orthanc


Hot on the heels of Newmaps10, is the next promotional bit for The Hobbit Movie. Specifically, the movie poster for the film.
Click Here


Newmaps beta 10 has finally been released!
This isn't just any release, mind you. It marks the 2nd anniversary of when I started this project!
(Also the first day of summer, but that's beside the point)
Well? What are you waiting for? Download it!

P.S. This release also contains the Doom Builder configuration file that I use for the production of Newmaps.


Chex Quest now has a wiki documenting it! (Guess who the admin is. ;) )
The Chex Quest Wiki
Get over there and edit!


Now Newmaps has its own forum! Head on over there and ask me any questions you may have about the project!
Newmaps Forum


And it is with great pleasure that I announce that I, along with my friends, are working on an epic (Well, maybe not ;) ) parody of The Hobbit, and I have put together a teaser trailer for it. Check it out!
The Hobbit Movie


Merry (late) Christmas!
I was going to do this on Christmas day, but I forgot to, and I was gone the rest of the week.
Anyway, I uploaded the rest of my homemade movies, so check those out.
They're under the Movies subsection 'Homework'.
Have a merry (late) Christmas and a happy (on time) New Year!


I just found Stop This Nonsence sitting on my hard drive, and I put up a page about it.
The link is on the movies page.


Bring on the news! This is the third post in five days! This is a unprecedented event we've never seen before, and...
Oh yeah. I have news. I put up a comments page that has what some people have said about Newmaps.
The link is on the Newmaps page, below the progress report.


Happy ten years Chex Quest! That's right, today chex.wad becomes a decade old!
And to celebrate, Newmaps: A Chex Quest Mod beta 9 is released! Boasting great new featues, like:
My sniper scope, cutscenes, three new levels, cowering commonuses, and more!


I've added a screenshots page for Newmaps. Click here to see 'em.
And I'm almost finished with beta 9. If there aren't any setbacks, it'll be out sometime next week.

By the way, does this page seem sorta greenish to you? Maybe it was hacked by some Flemoids...


Newmaps is now featured on Wads in Progress!
To be precise, here.
I also added a progress report on the Newmaps page. So head over there and see how the project is coming along!

EDIT - Dunno why I didn't think of this earlier, but I put up a links page here. Head over there to visit some other sites that are almost as great as this one. ;)


Yay! My website is up! Now I feel more important. :)
Not much here, but it's enough to live on.