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Welcome to the section of the internet that is run by me, xbolt.

This just in... (news)


I finished switching all my old pages to the new design.
I also added a secret hidden page. See if you can find it.
(And yes, you can cheat and look at the HTML code if you REALLY want to. :P )


Still tinkering with the design. Now it's more pretty.
In other news, I made another flash: I'm Your Moon


"Beware the Ides of March."
Starting today, I'm giving my site an overhaul. I'm taking a Web Design class this semester, and I will no longer tolerate the horrible mess that was the old site. So here's the new main page, in all its W3C-compliant glory. It looks sort of the same, but the underlying code is much cleaner. Also, I got those cool collapsible menus over there. I'm going to wait a little before updating the sub-pages, in case I want to change something else before the final version.

Also, I hate Internet Explorer.


There's three new movies that you need to see!
With lots of action like: a weird guy singing, Hitler losing video contests, and intel being stolen!


After six months, I dusted off my copy of Flash and made something new: Balrogs Bounce!

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